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Axenna Business Intelligence Server

Axenna Business Intelligence Server

Axenna BI Server combines the best Open Source BI components from SpagoBI, Talend, Jaspersoft, BIRT and Pentaho
Professional Help

Professional Help

Let our highly skilled experts help you transform evasive data into accessible knowledge so you can harness the full power of BI
Online training

Online training

Axenna offers online or on site training for all offered products

Welcome to Axenna

Axenna delivers products, services  and training within Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Master Data Management. We specialise in Open Source Solutions like Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Talend Open Studio and SpagoBI.

Big Data with Hadoop

hadoop_teknologierHadoop has become a de facto standard fort big data solutions. Distributed computing on clusters of commodity hardware running license free software enable companies and organisations to analyse large and continually accumulating data sets like never before.

Axenna can assist you in selecting, installing, configuring and developing applications with these exciting new technologies, including online or on site training of your personell.



NoSQL and Distributed Database Tecologies

nosql-baserScaling out is the solution when data sizes make scaling up unviable – but there are many other reasons why NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase are gaining in popularity. High availability, support for semi- and unstructured data and complex data types combined with fast write speeds and almost unlimited storage capacities make these databases clear winners.

Axenna will assist you in choosing the right database technology to fit your needs, and we’ll be happy to assist in installation, configuration and not the least important – in training your staff in the new technologies



Open Source BI

opensource-BISeveral studies have shown that companies with a well functioning BI-system on average do better than companies that have not yet started to harness the powers of BI. With Open Source BI the customer has full control over the software, including the freedom to adjust, brand and deploy at will.

With no expensive license fees to pay, there is room in the budget for professional help and employee training, which is perhaps the most important factor for a successful BI project.



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